Monday, June 29, 2015

Oh Bats!


This has been a CRAZY week. Like seriously, CRAZY. This is my second week at the MTC and I am leaving tonight! We leave at 3 am tonight and I am super excited, but I am also kind of sad because I love the MTC! These have been some of the best couple of weeks of my life! 

I so love my district and I am sad to see some of them go to other missions, but I know that they are going where they are meant to go. We have had some amazing experiences together and it has made my MTC experience one that I will never forget!
This is our district in front of the temple!
Left to right: Elder Miller, Elder Madsen, Elder Corless, Elder Bosen, Elder Wilkey and Elder Norman
Left to right: Sister Eckley, Sister Farr, Sister Robinson, Sister Willis, and Sister Milller
As a district we have been reading the Book of Mormon out loud together. It is really cool because we started on the first page and we read verse by verse and after each verse, we stop and talk about it. It is really really cool because we discuss our thoughts and feelings and I have learned so much than I ever had before. It took us an hour to read 6 verses in 1st Nephi, if that gives you an idea on how long it took. I has helped me thought, to really understand the meaning of the words.

With all the spiritual goodness we have felt, we have also felt lots and lots of laughter! Since we are spending the whole day together with our districts we have become better friends and we laugh... alot. One of the Elders in our district, Elder Wilkey makes me and one of my companions laugh pretty much all day. He says the weirdest things, but he has like attitude that is just funny!! One day he walks up to us and says, "Hola Hermana!" just randomly, and we are not spanish so were like what? And we just started laughing so hard! Sister Robinson and I spend most of our time laughing at him. 

We have gym time and it is so fun!! We always play sports with our district and one day we were outside playing beach volleyball and Sister Robinson and Elder Wilkey and I were talking about the plane, because he is going to West Virginia too and Elder Wilkey says "Every one is going to be so annoyed with us on the plane, there going to say, 'those Mormons are so annoying! They were so loud, and after they were annoying, they had the audacity to offer me to read some book?!" It was so funny, Sister Robinson and I could barley breathe. 

We have been practicing a lot with investigators here at the MTC. We are sure that all of them are just actors but they don' ever tell us. We had one who was from Tennessee and she had a friend who was Mormon. Teaching her was hard because she had so many questions that we ouldn't answer. We had to learn how to really listen and teach by the spirit. We had to just invite her to read the Book of Mormon and to pray, so that she can find the answers for herself, it was hard and kind of frustrating, but we all learned a lot.

So if any of you have watched the District 1 and 2 movie that the church made of missionaries, I met Brother Reis and Brother Christensen from those movies! They both teach here at the MTC and they are so cool. Elder Madsen from my district told us that he thought about asking them to sign his district DVD! I laughed so hard! 

Okay okay okay. You are all probably wondering why I put my subject line as 'oh bats'....
REALLY FUNNY STORY. So this week at the MTC there as been a lot of new mission presidents here to train to be mission presidents. There has been alot of security too because the mission presidents are taught by the general authority of the church. The apostles have been here to, and even the prophet has been here one day! They have all been in a blocked off building so we haven't seen any of them, but it is still really cool. So one day we are in class and a voice comes on the intercom and says all Sisters come to the gym immediately. And so we are like what? We are guided in and there are even like security guards. We we joking that maybe we would be like meeting the prophet because we have been so good and faithful. So we sit down and we sing a few hymns and then we say a prayer. So we are thinking that it was going to be like a spiritual meeting or something. Then one of the counselors in the MTC presidency starts talking to us and says, "We are going to change your lives for a little while" we are all holding our breath. Then he says, "There has been a bat sited in your building so we need you all to pack up and move." That is NOT what we were expecting!! We raced back to our room packed everything up and moved. It was fun because our suitcases were not distributed with the weight and so they were really heaving carrying them up and down four flights of stairs! It was so fun though we were mostly laughing through most of it. 

I am going to miss the MTC but I am grateful for all of the experiences I have had here and for everything I have learned. 


-Sister Willis

p.s. every one really enjoys my sassy black woman attitude, at least that's what everyone calls it. hahahaha oh my.

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