Monday, August 31, 2015

Everything is AWESOME when you're part of GOD'S team!

Hello to all,
Sister Lively and I in the Car
Sister Lively and I Getting Ready for Church
There are some things you learn on your mission you just wouldn't learn anywhere else... Apparently I talk in my sleep! I woke up this morning feeling like I had a conversation with Sister Lively before we drifted off to sleep. We were driving to the track this morning to go run and Sister Lively says, "Do you remember what you said to me last night?" and I think, but I can't remember. She said that I was talking to her in the middle of the night! I asked her what I said and she said that she woke up to me saying, "They just aren't coming," and Sister Lively said, "Where aren't they coming?" and I said, "To church!" and she said, "Who's not coming to church?" and she said that I laughed and said, "Well... HAHA, me!" So I guess that's a bad thing! I am not going to church apparently in my dreams! Good thing the atonement is real :)

This week we had exchanges and I got to stay in Kentucky and be in charge! Wow. A sister named Sister Webb came out and was my companion for 24 hours. It was really great. I was able to learn so much from her! Sister Lively and I have been trying to work on being more bold: specifically with our commitments. Sister Webb helped me with that and I was able to learn so much! I need to "Fear No Man!" We met a lot of people and were able to practice leaving commitments with everyone that we meet; whether it is to read the Book of Mormon, pray, come to Church, or even to just check out By being bold while extending commitments, I have seen the change with our investigators, as they do those things we ask, they change! 
Sister Webb and I on Exchanges
We were able to utilize this skill in a lesson with our investigator, Susan, yesterday. Her husband was working, and her kids were with our mom and so it was basically the best teaching environment! Which was very helpful, because this week we were teaching her the Word of Wisdom. Lots of the people out here have problems with the Word of Wisdom, because that is all they have ever known. They love to drink tea and pretty much everyone here smokes. I come home smelling like smoke more often than not smelling like it. We were pretty nervous about teaching Susan about this, because Sister Lively has seen her smoking before, but we went in and taught her about it anyway. We explained to Susan that Heavenly Father has given us our bodies, and this commandment is to protect our bodies. Susan was so receptive to everything we said!! She told us that she wants to quit smoking and that she has tried to stop, but it has been really hard. We told her that we are there to help her and that her Heavenly Father is there to help her to and to give her the strength that she needs! We are going to start going through the "Stop Smoking" program with her.  She is willing to do it and to live the rest of the Word of Wisdom! We are so excited for her.  I can't wait for next Sunday, because we committed her to be there and she said she would! She is so prepared.

At Church yesterday we had an awesome experience. The second counselor in the Louisville Temple Presidency and his wife came to talk in Sacrament Meeting! It was awesome! He talked about how lots of the Christian churches have a pretty good grasp on Salvation, but we have the knowledge of both Salvation, and Exhalation. It is like a two course meal, and The Savior has paid the bill. The doors of Salvation and Exhalation are opened to us when we make and keep sacred covenants with the Lord. But what is sad is that there are good people out there that haven't made these covenants and they are missing out on the blessings they could have. That is why it is so so important that the Temple should always be in our sights. After we make those covenants, we need to continue to go back, so that those that have passed on can feel the blessings of the gospel. It is so comforting to me to know that we have the knowledge of the restored gospel.

Sierra and I
Sister Lively and I with the Cutest Kids Ever
Adrianna and I
Me with Audrey
I have a some pictures of some of the cute grand kids (Sierra, Adrianna, and Audry) of one of our less active members. They don't know much about Heavenly Father or about Jesus Christ, so we are teaching them! This means that we get to plan little kid lessons which is super fun! This week we taught about Heavenly Father and how he loves us. We talked about how He watches us and sees all the things we do and so we need to do good things. Then the youngest one, Audry who is 5, says, "So he is like Santa Clause? He watches us and we need to be good. Except Santa Clause is not real and Neither is the Tooth Fairy!" It was so funny! She is such a ball of energy! We have fun teaching them.
Wearing Aprons that Sister Lively's Sister Made

I got to have a little taste of home in Kentucky this week! One of the members, Sister Hannah loves to cook for us! A few weeks ago she asked us the things that we love to eat from home. I told her about the Orange Rolls that we make at Thanksgiving and how they are my favorite to make.  She told me that we would make them! We went shopping this week and were able to make them! We had dinner with her two nights in a row. 
Cooking Orange Rolls with the Members

Sister Lively made home-made tortillas and a yummy roast that we shredded up and put in our tortillas. It was good! The next day I was able to make my favorite Orange Rolls and we had ham and home grown potatoes to go with it! Yum! It was so much fun and Sister Hannah loved that we were able to share a part of ourselves with her family! 

Sister Lively and I got Kentucky Sweatshirts
There are some days that I feel like a Lego..... We have a set of instructions that we follow and some of the things we do every single day.  We follow these instructions so that we will be safe and protected and so Heavenly Father can bless us! I know that as I have done these things and worked hard I have been so BLESSED.
(Yes, I am referring to the 'Lego Movie' here. Don't worry I haven't watched it, we aren't allowed!)

Step 1: Wake up at 6:30
Step 2: Exercise for 30 minutes and get ready for the day
Step 3: Personal study at 8:00 for 1 hour
Step 4: Companionship study for 1 hour
Step 5: Training for 1 hour

Everything is truly awesome, when you're part of GOD'S TEAM! 

D&C 42:6


~Sister Kayla Marie Willis

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