Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Think about Basement Bobby

Sweater Time
Wow! So many things are happening here I don't even know where to start... Sister Nelson and I are tearing things up here in Christiansburg. I am so blessed to be serving in this wonderful area! There are SO MANY PEOPLE HERE! There are so many people to find and teach, I am so grateful for this experience.
Sister Nelson and I get along so well! We both love the same things! She is a Disney fanatic, she can the Harry Potter books, and loves Marvel and those are like three of my favorite things!! Anyways, sometimes it can be a bad thing at how well we get along because we get distracted sometimes... haha but the work is still hastening so much!
So first of all, funny story. Sister Nelson and I got a referral from the Elders and it was someone really close to our house. So it was about 8:00 pm on a Saturday night and we decide to try this referral and then work in the area by talking with people and knocking on the doors around the referral. It was actually a really well lit street as well, which is surprising for Virginia... Side walks and street lamps are not a thing here :) So we stop after meeting this super awesome potential, we stop under a street lamp to write down the information. We started laughing about something, and we made a few texts. After about 5 - 10 minutes of doing that, I say, "alright, should we try that house?" I pointed to the next house on the street, and as I did, I realized that there was a woman looking outside her window, staring at us! We kind of got crepeed out, so we slowly turned around, and walked away. As we walked back to our car, we heard a car driving really slowly behind us. I am always paranoid at night, so I was like "Ahhh, do you hear that car stopping?" Sister Nelson laughed and said, "Maybe its the cops." The car pulled over on the side of the road behind us and we just kept walking and got in our car. We had to pass the house where the lady was staring out the window at us on the way out, and we saw that was the place where the car has pulled over. AND IT WAS THE COPS! That lady had called the cops on us! Crazy huh? We weren't even doing anything illegal just so you all know :) But anyway, we didn't stop, nor did the cop try to find us. We were blessed!

Sister Nelson
I am super excited for this Saturday because we have a baptism!! Elizabeth will be getting baptized! I am so excited. This last Saturday, we had her baptism interview planned, and everything was fine. Her baptism was going to be at 1:00 pm at the church. But about 15 minutes before the interview, we get a call.. Elizabeth can't drive, and so we had asked someone to go and pick her up  and take her to the church (we can't drive people in our car) and so we get this call and it was her ride! She couldn't get her car to start! It was kind of a nightmare. Someone really wanted to mess up Elizabeth's baptism! But after lots of phone calls and prayers, we made the decision to post pone the interview.. to Sunday! We were able to have her interview before church! What a blessing! She is so ready for this! She is reading the Book of Mormon with us as a mission and it has been so cool to see her testimony build :)

Exchanges with Blacksburg
Okay, so the lesson in Relief Society yesterday was on charity. One of my favorite members taught the lesson and it was so good! She started out by telling a story of how she had just moved into this apartment about 2 months ago, and she and her husband have had this rivalry with her downstairs neighbor. She said, "We call him Basement Bobby". So she tells us about how this neighbor always has terrible loud music on, and it is so frustrating, and he was even playing music during General Conference (which I was there for haha, it was funny) and she was thinking about how we all have a "Basement Bobby" in our lives. We have someone around us, that maybe just gets under our skin, or we don't get along with super well. But then we discussed how we can be more charitable and Christlike towards our "Basement Bobbys". She invited us to try and be a little more patient with them and to serve them. We need to see them as the Savior sees them. I challenge you to think about the Basement Bobbys that might be in your life, and think of ways that you can try to love them a little more. I know that as you do, you will develop more charity for everyone around you.

It Was Time for Hot Chocolate

Brother Reese, member from Blacksburg - very good to the sisters

Sister Nelson and I with Elizabeth

Sister Nelson and I with Sister Salisbury, our Mission President's Wife - Love her!!!
Love yall!
~Sister Kayla Marie Willis

1389 Dow St. #B
Christiansburg, VA 24073

Steps are Sometimes a Little Steep


Just the Average Missionary Tag Picture

Right Before the Cops Called on Us

Sharing the Book of Mormon in the Jungle of Virginia

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