Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Harry Potter Enters Missionary Work

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This week was good for me and Sister Nelson, but also bad.... We found out that we are both the BIGGEST Harry Potter fans in History! It is so nice to be able to talk to someone who actually knows who the characters are, and what the movies are missing and to know what a "Squib" is :) Now, not only do we have even more things in common and to talk about, but we can freak out about Harry Potter together and completely understand one another! We have been laughing and talking about it for the last 5 days! (When we aren't teaching lessons and talking about missionary stuff of course!) We have both read the Books and seen the movies over and over again. So the bad thing is that we can get distracted sometimes....  

We Love Fall!
So one night, we were talking about the 3rd Harry Potter, and the story and we started talking about how cool the Night Bus is, and how they did such a good job with it in the movie, and then I say, "Man, I cannot remember the Conductors name on the Night Bus..." and that's where it started.... Sister Nelson couldn't remember his name either!! AHHHH. It was awful.​​. Our pride was hurt, from being the biggest Harry Potter fans and not being able to remember a characters name... The Missionary Veil is REAL! (It is the line that missionaries pass over when they are set apart as full time missionaries and it prevents us to remember things like songs, movies and things from the normal human world.) We stayed up way too late talking about it, because we just couldn't remember. The next day, we take it to our district and ask them (moment of silence for them, because they are not Harry Potter fans) and no one has the answer. We go home and we are making lunch and still bothered about it! 
Then Sister Nelson says " his first name Stan?" 
Me: "I think so.... but what is his last name?" 
Sister Nelson: "Does it start with an S..?"

I CANT BELIEVE I FORGOT HIS NAME. But besides that, we figured it out together, even though our pride was hurt a little bit :) now we can move on, because our OCD wasn't going to last much longer. I love Sister Nelson and her love of Harry Potter.

Sister Nelson and I also had to put together a dresser one night; By the way, we are probably not qualified to do that. Where is the "dresser assembly" requirement in my call letter? :) We were going on exchanges with some Sisters the next morning we had to stay up and do it. It was a mess! The dresser we were using before literally fell apart, so we definitely needed a new one! We get one sent to us, and turns out, we have to put it together! Since we have no time to do it, we had to stay up doing it, and we were exhausted the next day... The struggles we have as missionaries are so funny :)

This Statement is True
This week we were able to go teaching with Elizabeth, our new convert! She is so cool. We took her out and there were not a lot of people home. But each time, she was still ready and excited to come! She is so sweet! One time, after we were done visiting her, we asked her if she knew anyone who we should try to visit. Then she actually suggested that we try and visit her friend across the street! He invited us in and we were able to teach him about the Book of Mormon! It was super cool. She is already a great missionary! :) 
Elizabeth Came out Teaching with us!  She is Awesome!

I can't believe it is almost November... Time sure flies when you are saving souls! :) I hope you all have a Happy Halloween! Be safe :) 

~Sister Kayla Marie Willis
1389 Dow St. #B
Christiansburg, VA 24073

Building a Dresser in the Middle of the Night - Don't Recommend it.

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