Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Live the Higher Law

Hello everyone!

Betcha Didn't Know this... I Have Been to His Home
All the Sisters in the Three Zones of the Mission
One of Our Favorite Members of the Ward, Sister Ferguson
It's transfer week, and guess what... Sister Lively and I are expecting... new missionaries! We have both been asked to TRAIN! Its crazy! We are both very excited. I am staying here in the Ashland, Kentucky area. Sister Lively is going to West Virginia! We are going to miss each other deeply, but we are so excited for this opportunity that we both have. I have only been out for 3 months, I have learned so much! I feel a little nervous, but I know that this is a wonderful opportunity to grow and to be an example to my new companion. Tomorrow we have to drive to Charleston, West Virginia for the transfer meeting. We won't even know who we are training until after the meeting starts! I hope that I will be able to help the new missionary feel comfortable and welcome to Kentucky! :)
Decorating One of our Members' Doors
 This week has been so good! So much stuff has happened! I got to play a little bit of Violin the other day! A member of the ward invited us over to talk to their friend, who is a violin teacher for their daughter. Her name is Barbra and she is so much fun! She plays the Violin and teaches. She played Amazing Grace for us and when she found out that I could play, she insisted! I played The First Noel and The Ashoka Farewell. She loved it and said I was very good. (very nice compliment because I haven't touched my violin since Christmas) She was so much fun and we are teaching her now. She has an interest to follow God and do what he needs her to do so I am excited to continue.
Member of the Ward, Sister Stucki.  She is the cutest.
Sister Lively and I got a little shaken up one night. We went to visit one of our neighbors who we have been trying to teach. They live around the corner from us and every time we go and ask for her, there is someone else who answers the door. This time a woman named Deborah answered the door and we have talked to her once before. We asked her how many people lived there because every time we come there is someone else at the door! She started counting and she got up to 16. She gave us a funny look and said, "You're gonna have to get me a chair." We were confused. She looked at us again and started to look really scared and said, "I ain't joking, get me a chair!" Then she started going down! Sister Lively grabbed her and she kind of set her on the ground, and she started shaking and crying on the ground! I freaked out and didn't know what to do! I banged on the door for someone to come out and help us. Someone finally did come out to help but it was so scary! The lady had a seizure! Sister Lively and I went back home and freaked out a little more. We stopped by her house about an hour later to see if she was alright and she was, but we got really freaked out! I never thought that would happen!
Janet, a member of the Ward Living in a Nursing Home that we visit a lot.

On Tuesday last week we had to drive to Charleston to have a meeting with three different zones of the mission! It was a specialized training for the missionaries, while our cars were being worked on. All the mission cars had little black boxes installed into them. They are called tiwi's. We each have these cards, and we have to log in every time we are the driver. They have a GPS in them and so it has info on all the speed limits, so if we are speeding it will say, "Check your speed" and if we don't slow down we get a violation. If we turn or stop too quickly we get a violation as well. If you get a certain amount of violations you can get your driving privileges taken away. The general authorities in Salt Lake approved this program so that missionaries will drive safer we won't have to pay so much in car repairs. I like it because it helps me get into better habits of driving and the roads are so scary anyway I feel better.
Cat Friend Who Followed Us Home from Running
Sister Lively and I With Granny June
In the training that we had, President Salisbury talked to us a lot about obedience. It is from obedience that we are blessed! He challenged for all of us to Live the Higher Law. We need to set the example and be committed to what we committed to do when we accepted our call to serve! We should create our own policy to keep our standards high. We need to govern ourself based on our purpose. By being obedient and studying the Missionary Handbook we will be prepared for life. The Missionary Handbook is a book of promises, and when we obey those rules and guidelines we are promised that we will be blessed. 

Sister Salisbury always says, "Be safe, be wise, be obedient" That is what I am striving to do each day. 
I would like to encourage everyone to Live the Higher Law. Set goals to become who our Heavenly Father wants you to be! Keep your standards high and decide now who you want to be.
Hit my 3 Month Mark

Mosiah 23:22-23


~Sister Kayla Marie Willis

Sister Kayla Willis
1508 Luci Mae Drive
Flatwoods, Kentucky 41139

Footlong Hot Dog
There is this place that everyone is CRAZY about, so of course we had to go there before Sister Lively was transferred. This is the foot long hot dog I ate! In the eastern states they eat hot dogs with a sauce, instead of like ketchup or mustard. It is kind of like a chili sauce without any beans. They call it hot dog sauce. When Sister Lively and I asked what hot dog sauce was, they were so surprised! But we had no idea! Everyone here eats hot dogs with sauce, and they put onions, mustard, and coleslaw on top... I just stuck to the hot dog sauce, which is actually pretty good. 
Raining, While I was Sick in Bed
Eating Blue Jello

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  1. Congratulations on becoming a trainer. Guess that is the same as Senior Companion? This is a great opportunity for you after only being in the field for three months. I think it usually takes longer (5-7 months). As the leader, you will get to teach a new sister, and it will amaze you how much you really know. When I became a Senior, that's when my mission really came alive for me.

    We are all proud of you, and praying for your continued success.