Monday, September 28, 2015

The Gospel is HAPPINESS

I am going on transfer #3 everyone!

Last Photo of Sister Lively and I in Front of our house
Saying Goodbye to Sister Lively

Some days I still can't believe that I am on a mission. I wake up and see that it is well before the crack of dawn and think, "Is this real?" It can be hard sometimes, but it is all worth it in the end. So about transfers, Sister Lively went to West Virginia! She is opening a new area and is so excited. I am staying in Ashland, Kentucky and I am TRAINING. 
Picture with Amy at Our Rest Stop

It is crazy. We went to say goodbye to al ot of people this week, since Sister Lively is leaving. On Thursday we went up to Charleston with Amy, Jared and Eevee. 
Last Photo with Sister Lively with Jared, Amy and Evee
Taking a Picture with Evee at a Rest Stop

They drove us there so we could save on our miles. We had a short meeting with president and the rest of the trainers and he talked about striving to be a good example and really sticking to the standards in the Missionary Handbook. Then we went into the chapel to start the meeting. After taking care of some mission business, all the new missionaries stood at the front and introduced themselves. Sister Lively and I were really anxious because we didn't know who our companion were going to be! Finally, they called out "Sister Farnsworth will be serving in Ashland, Kentucky with Sister Willis!" I was all the way in the back, so I got up and ran to the front to greet my trainee. I gave her a huge hug and said, "This is going to be great!" 

My New Companion, Sister Farnsworth
Sister Lively and I with New Companions

We got back to Ashland and we got Sister Farnsworth settled in. The next couple of days I took her out to meet some of the members and some of our investigators. She has such a great enthusiasm for missionary work and is very outgoing. She tells me that she already has an incredible love for the people which is amazing! Sister Farnsworth is from Logan, Utah. She just finished two years of school at Utah State so she is 20. I'm younger than her, but she is awesome. I feel very inadequate to be her trainer because she already knows so much. I am just striving to be the best example of obedience, diligence and charity that I can be.
Got to See My MTC Companion, Sister Robinson

I was asked to give a talk in Sacrament Meeting this week with less than 48 hours notice. That is the missionary life! I just roll with it. Seventh talk I have given this year, and its not over. I had a little time to write down a few ideas and notes. I got up with what I had prepared, and as I started talking the spirit told me to change subjects. It is funny how the spirit works, sometimes you just need to change the things you have prepared right on the spot! I talked about service and how we are closer to Christ as we serve him. I also talked about becoming who we want to become. Talks are seriously for the person giving the talk, not the congregation. 
West Virginia Sign

We had an incredible opportunity to watch Woman's Conference at the church with some of the Relief Society sisters in the ward. I loved every minute of it! It was amazing. I encourage everyone to go online and read it (it can apply to men too). The talks were very centered on virtue and our divine nature as woman. Woman have divine potential, and the divine nature comes from God. Virtue is the qualification for the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. The talks were also very focused on love. Everything in the Gospel leads back to love. The commandments and standards that we are asked to follow are because our Heavenly Father loves us. We are commanded to love one another and to share the gospel with those that we love. I especially love President Uchtdorf's talk. I love how he shared a story and taught as the savior taught. He talked about the Pure Love of Chirst and how through the Atonement we can all have eternal happiness. I love listening to General Conference and the amazing leaders of our church. They do so much and work so hard.

This next week is General Conference. I would like to encourage all of you to go through this week with a couple of questions in your heart. Then during Conference, listen and continue to keep those questions in your hearts. Take notes as you listen and record your thoughts and feelings. I promise that as you listen intently to the things that are said that you will be able to find answers to the questions in your heart. I testify that God does answer prayers! He listen and he knows the things you need, you just need to be humble enough to ask him.


Mosiah 2:41


~Sister Kayla Marie Willis

Sister Kayla Willis
1508 Luci Mae Drive 
Flatwoods, Kentucky 41139

The elders in our area put a card in our gas tank that said "tag your it". So what do we do? We put plastic wrap over their car with a tag your it picture. It was Sister Lively's last wish.

Bowling on P-Day with Our District

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