Monday, March 14, 2016


Last Selfie with Sister Roberts

Virginia is so GREEN
I made it to Virginia!!! After waking up at 6 in the morning, a very long car ride, where I was passed along to 5 different drivers along with my luggage, I made it to Lynchburg, Virginia at 9 in the evening. I had to go from one of the more northern parts of the mission to one of the most southern parts of the mission. There was even a time I didn't have a companion, because I was the only Sister going down this far. Super weird, but we made it. WOW! Totally worth it though. Virginia is AMAZING! We are living in Lynchburg, which is actually a really big city. Bigger than any other place I have served yet. Our area is HUGE! We cover all the way out to Appomattox, which is what our area is actually called. We can only go out there every so often because it is about 30 minutes away, but there is lots of history there! It is where the Civil War ended! So cool. We are going to go check out the courthouse and the museum out there sometime.
We are Sad to be Leaving Each Other

The Ward I am serving in is the Lynchburg 1st Ward. There are actually 2 other Wards that share our same building! Wow! There are lots of members in this area, which is nice because this means we have more members who are able to feed us and more members who are willing to come out teaching with us! My new companion's name is Sister Alligood. She is from Garland, Texas! She has been out on her mission for about 15 months, she only has two transfers left. She gives the best hugs in history! She hugged me so hard and squeezed me so tight she lifted me off the ground! She is super sweet and very creative. She loves to crocket, she does that before bed. She has already made me two bracelets! She is a little taller than me and has brown curly hair. I am excited to be with her.  

My New Companion, Sister Alligood
Our Investigator, Steve, Who is Getting Baptized
So right now we don't have to many people we are working with. We have done a lot of trackting trying to find new people and oh boy I just love the Virginia people! They are sweet as sugar and sometimes I can't understand them. People here have really thick accents, more than anywhere else I have been! We are teaching a man named Seif [pronounced: safe] and he is awesome! He is working towards baptism and so excited!

Yesterday, the church released the new Easter Initiative for 2016 and it is called #Hallelujah It is amazing! It really reminds us how we can truly follow Jesus Christ and find new life because of his Atonement and Resurrection. This Easter Season I challenge everyone to go to and watch this new video. Its only 2 minutes and 14 seconds so I know you have enough time to watch it, then post this video! Post it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and whatever else the technology world has come out with these days. Sharing this simple video will spread the joy the Easter and help us to remember our Lord, and Savior Jesus Christ. Happy Easter! #Hallelujah

#Ponderize Proverbs 29:18 "Where there is‍ no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth‍ the law, happy is‍ he."

Lots of love from Virginia,

~Sister Kayla Marie Willis

My new mailing address, don't hesitate to send me a letter!
Sister Kayla Willis
410 Alta Lane #11
Lynchburg, VA 24502

Finally got to See My Trainer, Sister Lively

"Our Classic Pose" - with Sister Lively

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