Monday, July 27, 2015

Frogs, Thunder and Pioneers

Hello friends,

Guess what I did last Monday?  Just guess.  Betcha couldn't guess. Well here it is. I ate frogs legs! Yep, frogs legs. They were nasty! Okay, wait. They actually weren't like bad tasting, it was just the thought that a slimy little frog hopping around on a tree was now cooked and in my mouth. We were out with a family in our ward at a Chinese Buffet and they were eating frogs legs and I said, "What is that?" Bad question to ask. They said that it was frogs legs and that I should try them. So I said I would if Sister Lively would, then I did. 
About to Eat Frogs Legs
So we took a bite at the same time. It really did taste like chicken, but I really didn't like it. I didn't eat the rest of my leg. Well Dad, I hope you're proud of me. Also Grandpa, I thought you would be interested to know that I said, "Ew" the whole time. 
Sister Lively Did Not Enjoy It
First Bite

This week was exchanges and so that is when one companionship will switch one companion with ours. I got to go to Charleston, West Virginia with Sister Charlesworth! She is so great! I learned so much from her. She is one of our Sister Training Leaders and we went out to proselyte together. She is so bold and she is good at talking to people on the street about the Book Of Mormon. She is awesome! I got to stay with her for 24 hours in Charleston and then I got to go home to Kentucky and back to my favorite person Sister Lively.

The day after exchanges, we went to teach one of our investigators, Susan. She has two little girls and she is trying to find out what church is right. She had some bad experiences with church when she was little and so now she is searching. We went over there and taught her the Plan Of Salvation. It was so cool!! The spirit was SO strong, and Sister Lively and I were so in-sync the whole time! It was amazing. We we really able to teach Susan by the spirit and truly let the spirit testify to her that these things are true. We left the lesson and Sister Lively told me that she thought I was so bold with Susan and she felt like I was a whole different person. She said that the lesson went so well, because of the spirit that was there and we feel like Susan is slowly starting to progress. IT WAS SO COOL.

Friday was Pioneer Day and no one celebrates it out here so Sister Lively and I wanted to Celebrate it. We had planned to go over to our investigators house that day and watch 17 Miracles (which we are allowed to watch as missionaries because it is a church movie). Amy is our investigator and she is so cute! She is married to Jared and he is a less active member. They have a little girl named Evelyn, or Evee is what they call her. We are good friends with them and we have taught her all the lessons and she is ready to be baptized! We haven't set a date, because Jared wants to baptize her and he needed to talk to the bishop about it, but they have been coming to church and he got to talk to the bishop yesterday so it looks like we will be setting a baptism date soon! Anyways, we went over to have dinner and to watch the movie. Jared's nephew Josh was also there, and he is a member. It was so cool to watch and see what the Pioneers went through. All of their hardships, but also all of the miracles that happened. There was no way they could have done the things that they did without Heavenly Father's help. It is so inspiring to see how faithful they were and it was so cool to show and teach Amy about the Pioneers. The spirit was so strong and my testimony has truly been strengthened on the Pioneers.

Also, random thought, but Jared showed us this book that he made. It made me laugh so hard. He took a Jehovah's Whiteness version of the Bible and rebound it so that when you opened the book you were going to read, "The Fellowship Of the Ring". It was so funny!

Ever since I got here to Kentucky I have been breaking out in this rash, and it hasn't gone away! I doesn't hurt or itch and I have no idea what it is. It has been on my stomach and my back and it has only spread more! I showed Sister Lively my back and she got really worried. I told her to not make any rash decisions. Haha. But she made me call the mission office and they told me to call the mission doctor. So I did and I described it to him and he tells me that he knows exactly what it is. He says it is something called Pityriasas Rosea. He says there is no cause, it isn't contagious and he says it will go away on its own. I said that it was so weird and then he says to me, "Yup, you're one of the weird ones!" 
So I guess I am weird now, by definition of a doctor.

I hope you all are doing good and enjoy my emails! 

C H U R C H  I S  T R U E 


Mosiah 2:41

~Sister Willis 

Huge Moth We saw Outside of an Apt
Another huge Moth
Pulling Vines OFF of Granny June's Tree

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  1. What an enthusiastic missionary! Take care of that rash and try not to scratch it. Putting on a little creme or lotion will help if it itches too much.