Monday, July 13, 2015

When It Rains, It Pours

Hey pals!

This has been a CRAZY week! It has most certainly had its ups and downs. Sister Livley and I have been trying so hard to work on finding new people to teach but we have only experienced disappointment so far. We are still having fun though! If you aren't having fun, you aren't doing it right! Last night Sister Lively and I had a slumber party. We slept on our couches and ate ice cream and watched The Restoration, then went to bed at 10:30. If that isn't a party I don't know what is!
Member Took Us Out for Frozen Yogurt

I have learned not to trust GPS's. We have been lost so many times! 

Street Post in KY
One day, we were looking in our area book and we thought that we should try to visit this guy who was a potential investigator. We typed in the address and we are just driving along and then we got really confused because it was taking us to a place where there weren't really houses at all. Then we see some people and we get outside our car, and it really stinks! We walk up to the people and they kind of give us a funny look and say are you lost? And we say I think so, and they say you must be because this is a landfill. It was a place where people take their garbage! That's why it smelled bad! 

There were a few times that we got lost again in the week. We were out in the middle of nowhere and we were listening to my MOTAB CD. "Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd" came on and one of the lines in the chorus says "Hungry and helpless and cold!" and we kept saying it because we were tired and hungry and lost! I thought it was funny. It made me think of Morgan (Sister Bowser) because its her favorite song. I hope you think this is funny bae! 

Hey mom, did you know that I HAVE A TWIN. Okay well kind of. It's Sister Livley! We don't look much alike, but WE ARE SO MUCH ALIKE. ITS SCARY. I first noticed that we both have big glasses. But we also do a lot of things the same! Like we both LOVE SOCKS. She has a drawer full of them! We always wear socks around the house, and to bed. We also both hate seafood, we both hate milk, we both love blue power aid and don't drink soda, we both love flowers and we both love to laugh at stupid things! I feel like there are a whole bunch more similar characteristics, but I am forgetting them at the moment. We also say things at the exact same time! I think we have jinxed each other more than 20 times this whole week. One day we were passing by our church and we both looked out the window and said "Hi church" at the same time!! I LOVE SISTER LIVELY. She makes me laugh so hard, because she feels like she can be her true self when she is with me. She is so easy to get along with, because she is just like me.
Making Funny Faces
More funny Faces
Sister Livley is so Much Like Me

Sister Livley and I after District Meeting

It has been raining so much! And I have NEVER seen rain like this before in my life. It has rained almost everyday. I have been here and even the people say it's not normal. Everyone we talk to tells us that it's the 'signs of the times'. 
Rain and Dark Clouds
It hasn't really bothered us, because we have a car to drive so we aren't really getting wet... until last Friday. We had to drive to Huntington, West Virginia, which is only about 45 minutes away, for a zone meeting. We drove up and it was really hot and sunny. The zone meeting was AWESOME. We talked about truly knowing our purpose as missionaries and how we can be our most effective. We learned so much and I was PUMPED. 
The other sisters in our zone + the sister training leaders
The meeting lasted about 3 hours and we came outside and it was really, really dark. We got in the car and we started driving. It was lunch time and we really wanted a soft pretzel, so we went to Sam's club to get one. 

Sam's Club Pretzel
We went in and ate one and then we came outside and IT WAS POURING! 

Rain on One Day
Rain on Another Day

I have never, ever see it pour like that it Utah.  Sister Livley is from Arizona and it doesn't really rain there either! We needed to run to the car to get to a teaching appointment, and we couldn't wait. We made a run for it! I was SOAKED. INSTANTLY.
I have never been soaked from rain before! It was crazy. There was also a really big puddle that of course we stepped in. My shoes were completely submerged and weren't dry for two days! It was so funny! We also got a flash flood warning later that day! We were so scared.
Flash Flood Warning
We just drove to the church, because it was close.  We sang Christmas songs on the way there, because who doesn't love a little Angels We Have Heard On High, right? That is both of our favorite Christmas song. Another similarity we have.

I'm must be getting good at giving talks because I have given two since my farewell talk! In the MTC they assign you a talk in sacrament right before you have to speak, and guess who's name they said, Sister Willis! I gave a talk on the holy ghost and recognizing it, which was no problem for me because that is probably like one of my favorite topics! So then my first Sunday in my ward in Kentucky, the bishop asked me to give a talk! So I just gave that one yesterday. It was on missionary work, specifically member missionary work. I talked about service and how just by reaching out to somebody you can be a missionary, because we are all missionaries.

I want to Challenge each of you to reach out to someone this week, doesn't matter who it is and it doesn't matter what you do, just reach out and serve them, however they may need it.

The work here is hard it Kentucky, most people have already been baptized into another church and they say that they have already been 'saved'. It is hard to talk to people because a lot of people turn us away. But I know that The Lord sent me here for a reason, there are people here who have been prepared to her the gospel, we just haven't found them yet. We are trying to be diligent and try to share the gospel with everyone, because when you get an opportunity to share and you don't, you are denying that person's chance to hear the gospel. I love this gospel and I am hoping for more opportunities to share it.

If you are in need of strength and comfort: Isaiah 41:10


-Sister Willis

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A Gross Slug Outside My House
Black Clouds from the Storms
Sister Livley and I Made Earings

Pretty Sunset in Kentucky - Camera didn't do Justice

CTR on License Plate
Pretty Countryside When it Wasn't Raining
Me Wrapped up in Plastic Wrap from a Package

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