Monday, July 20, 2015

Tough Week: Blessings, Storms, and Sweat...

Hey everyone,

Sister Lively and I were really having a tough week. Appointments were falling through, people were canceling on us and we felt like we were getting nowhere! We were praying and trying to study for help and guidance. What we were doing wasn't working, so we decided to try to do something else. We decided to try to contact some former investigators and in the process of us doing that, we met a man named Michael. We knocked on his door and started talking to him, he is not a former investigator. He is very friendly and it was an interesting interaction. He complimented me on my necklace, (my young woman's medallion) and while we were asking him about church he told us that there needs to be a restoration! We were about to scream! Sister Lively said, "There has been a restoration!" and we gave him a pamphlet to read and we are going to go back to teach him tonight. We are so excited! We felt like he was truly prepared by The Lord to hear the gospel and we went back to the car to thank Heavenly Father for leading us to him. We learned so much through this experience.

Another thing I have learned this week is; if sweaty people come to your door, you give them water! The reason I say that, is because we have been walking a lot this week. We only have a certain amount of miles to use on our car each month and it is kind of hard because our area is so big and everyone is so spread out from each other. We decided to have a car fast and not use our car for the whole day. I don't mind walking, but it is SO HOT and its SO HUMID.
Walking into a Tunnel - 1

Walking into a Tunnel - 2
Okay, I'm a baby, but we were are sweating so bad that our glasses are sliding down our faces. My hair just kind of does whatever it wants out here but sometimes I am so sweaty that it looks like I just washed my bangs in the sink but its actually sweat. It has been 100 degrees some days here and about 75% humidity. GROSS. Oh well! We walked about 3 miles to someone's house one day and then we walked about 4 to get to someone else's house. It took us about an hour and we sang songs while we walked.
Tin Man outside a house
One of those songs included "Pioneer children sang as they walked, and walked and walked and walked". We also sang songs from the movie Hairspray and then we realized that they probably weren't mission approved! Ops. We like the same music so it is hard! Anyway, we got to the last place we were going to teach one of our investigators - Amy. We began teaching her and then we all got texts on our phone of flash flood warnings and we looked out the window and the storm looked huge! It looked like a hurricane. At least what we think it would look like. We were stuck there for a few hours before it passed! The lights flickered a lot and the apartment complex was shaking. The storm was like directly over us at one point and I'm not going to lie I was scared. Storms are scary! We got a ride home though! That was a blessing!
Ohio River
Cat Under our Car

We went to do service for Granny June again. We can't teach her more of the lessons because she has dementia, but she loves us and lets us come over every week to have lunch and to let us do service for her! This week we decided to leave her with a spiritual thought and sing a hymn for her! We read a story out of the ensign for this month and then we sang, "Be Still, My Soul". Granny June started closing her eyes after about one verse of the song and by the last verse she was snoring! I have never sang an old lady to sleep before! It was funny! We tried to sneak out, but she kept waking up when we would open the door and want us to sing her another song! But then she would fall asleep again. We finally told her that she was tired and needed to sleep, then we left.

Sunday at Church
To Celebrate Birthdays:  A Cookie Cake
We visit a less active woman named Janet who can't come to church, because she is in a nursing home, and we went right before dinner so that we could take her down to dinner. One day we took her down and we were talking to some of the other lady's in the nursing home. We asked one lady how she was, and she said with a lot of confidence, "fat and sassy!" I did my best not to die laughing! When we got into the car Sister Lively and I laughed forever!

This last Friday was my Click Day! That is something that missionaries say, it means that I have been out for one month! Isn't that crazy!! ONE MONTH SINCE I LEFT. It seems like a lot longer than that haha. So on Friday I got to click my pen once because its been one month! 
Dressed Up Like Cows to get Free Food
Eating Dinner in the Car:  PB&J

I am so grateful that I am here in Kentucky and that the Lord has trusted me to teach his children at this time. I have learned and seen so much already and I know that as I am faithful and diligent I will continue to learn and grow even more!

Proverbs 3:5-6


-Sister Willis

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