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Conference weekend!

At Old Fashioned Days
It has been such an awesome week for us here in Kentucky. There was a fair going on in one of the cities in our areas so we spent a few hours for a couple of days down at the fair meeting people and trying to find people to teach. We were able to talk to tons of people and get lots of referrals and it was very effective! We also met a couple of people that seem very promising and so we are going to try to meet with them again this next week!

Old Fashioned Days Fair
One night this week, Sister Farnsworth and I got in right on time and we went inside to put our bags in and we had to go back outside and get water out of the car. I went to the car to get the case of water and Sister Farnsworth ran to get the mail. We both joked about how the keys were inside and what we would do if one of us had locked the door. We both were sure we hadn't locked the door and then walked up to open the door. My fingers reached out to grab the door nob and turn it. It was LOCKED, and the keys were INSIDE! Of course I did the only logical thing to do, I started panicking. I put the case of water on the ground and started trying to open the front windows. They were locked too!
It was Cold When We Stepped Out

I went to the garage and opened it. I knew the back door was locked but I tried it anyway. There is a window in the garage that goes to our study room that I know is locked, but we tried it anyway. IT WAS UNLOCKED. We grabbed a chair that was in the garage, and I literally flew through the window. I ran to the back door to let Sister Farnsworth in, and we still were inside before curfew. This experience really just shows me how much the Lord looks out for us. Because we were obedient and got home on time, He helped us be able to get into our house when we were locked out. Exact obedience brings blessings!

Sister Farnsworth and I in Front of Our House
We had an AMAZING Zone Meeting this week. Well, they are always amazing but I just always feel so uplifted and so excited to act on the promptings I have received and the things we learn from the other wonderful missionaries. The spirit really taught me a lot about how feelings of discouragement come from Satan and that in order to stop having those feelings I need to turn outward. By serving my companion, the ward, and the people I come in contact with I will be able to feel more grateful and positive and I will be able to hear the Spirit more.

At Zone Meeting, we talked a lot about questions that we have and how we can take those to our Heavenly Father. Since learning more about that I have been keeping a prayer journal. Every night before I write in my regular journal, I pull out my prayer journal and write down a question I may have or something that I need help with. Then I say my evening prayer and when I am done I just ponder for a few minutes. Then I write down whatever things come to my mind in my prayer journal. I have really been able to learn what Heavenly Father wants me to know. By taking time to just listen and ponder after my prayer I have had the Spirit testify to me and help me receive an answer to my prayer from my Father In Heaven.
Conference Tradition - Goldfish

Conference weekend is always one of my favorites! When the three new apostles were called and sustained I knew in my heart that these truly are men called by God. I know that Jesus Christ lives and He is the Head of this church, and He leads His church on the earth today from living Prophets and Apostles. The guidance and counsel that we receive from these amazing men and woman are from the Lord Jesus Christ. General Conference is for ALL OF US! I loved every second and the things that the spirit was able to teach me. I know that in these, the last days, we need to follow the direction of the Prophets. I love President Thomas S. Monson and the First Presidency as well as the Twelve Apostles and the other general quorums and auxiliaries of the church. 
Kentucky Roads

I loved the focus that they had on families and parents teaching their children. Elder Jeffrey R. Holland's talk reminded me a lot of my mom and all that she has taught me. She has such a good example of charity, service and diligence. My parents both have taught me the importance of families, daily scripture study, and prayers. Thank you mom and dad, I love you.  I also really enjoyed Devin G. Durrantt's talk and how he encouraged all of us to Ponderize. I love that. I have made myself a personal goal to Ponderize a new scripture each week for the rest of my mission. As I choose a new scripture each week and memorize, ponder, and reflect upon it, I hope to be able to gain a deeper love and understanding of the scriptures. For the next 14 and a half months I will be sending a new scripture in my email each week and reflecting upon the last one. 
In the Rain

I would like to encourage EACH OF YOU, to ponderize a new scripture each week. I also would like to encourage you to send me a quick message sharing your scripture, your thoughts, and what you have learned! I love hearing from all you and I would love to learn from each other as we ponderize each week.

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see our good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.
Matthew 5:16


~Sister Kayla Marie Willis

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