Wednesday, November 4, 2015

I Know Who I Am

Hey everyone! 3 Transfers gone!

Selfie with Ashley, the deer, and her dad, the Hippie, at ward Trunk or Treat
This weeks letter will be short, because there is never enough time to say everything I want to say... But this week has been amazing and full of miracles. 

We had an incredible Zone Meeting this week and we learned so much! Something that I took away that was really cool is something that one of our Zone Leaders shared with us. He told us that every morning he asks himself, "Who I am? And what am I going to do about it?" He showed us an index card where he writes these questions. 

It was so cool! I started doing it. I even shared my testimony in Sacrament meeting about it. 

I decide who I am every morning, because when I know who I am not afraid. So today I am a Consecrated Servant of The Lord Jesus Christ. I am going to do His will and be obedient to His laws. I am going to serve with my heart, might, mind and strength. I am going to declare His truth every where I go. I know who I am and I am always striving to be better. 
Selfie with Ashley

We had a Halloween party with a little fire with some members of the ward and some less actives. It was so fun and we got some less actives out that we haven't been in contact with! It was so fun. 

Fire on Halloween with some ward YSA
Selfie Stick at the Halloween Party

Also, yesterday I drove our car into a hole. The car was high centered... In my defense, there were leaves covering the hole. We managed to get it out okay though, and our car isn't damaged to bad! I will keep you updated.

Our Poor Car
It was funny, but sad

I decided to #Ponderize Alma 7:23-24 this week. Go read the whole chapter. It is incredible. 


~Sister Kayla Marie Willis

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