Monday, November 9, 2015

Temple Goals

Wow, what a week! 

Sister Farnsworth and I Went Golfing with our Zone Leaders

First week of the new transfer and we already see miracles. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and think, "Wow I'm a missionary?" It is something I think about constantly. When we walk out of really good lessons I think, "Is this even real life?" Some days it just doesn't seem real, because of the success we have been having and when I see people change before my eyes. It is amazing how protected we are, and how many good things happen for us. I am so grateful for all the prayers for the missionaries and specifically for me, because I know it has made a difference with me and the work here in Ashland. Thank you for the support and prayers!

Our Investigator, Deborah, at church

Our investigator Deborah came to church yesterday!  and we have been working to get her to church for over a month. She has been taught all of the lessons, but she has a hard time really grasping why going to church is so important. We had a lesson with her on Saturday and tried to really focus on the spirit and letting it testify to her. We asked HER to pick a baptism day and she picked December 16 because that was her grandmother's birthday. We all decided that was a good day and right before we were walking out her door Sister Farnsworth showed Deborah a picture of her family. I then showed a picture of my family in front of a temple, and we started talking about temples. We talked about how important they are and that we have the opportunity to be baptized for our family members who have passed away. Then the spirit told me to tell Deborah that she can be baptized for her Grandmother on December 16. I was hesitant because I wasn't sure how she would react, but I listened and I told her that If she gets baptized the last week of November, she can be baptized for her Grandmother onDecember 16. The spirit was very present and she looked very different then when we came. She told us that she still wasn't sure about church, but we said a prayer and asked her to pray that she would be able to go. She prayed and she asked for strength to go! It was the best prayer I have ever heard her give! It was incredible. We were pretty certain that she would be at church this week, but she has a habit of calling us at the last minute and canceling. SoSunday morning came and she called us and told us that she was coming. We were stoked! Then about 10 minutes later she called us and said she was sick and she couldn't come. We said a prayer and we were so sad when out of the blue, she calls us again and said she was coming! She called us 2 more times making sure it was okay if she wore pants and what time it started, but in the end SHE CAME! It was a HUGE step for her and the talks were just want she needed to hear. She was smiling and meeting people and she even stayed for a baptism for a boy in the ward after the meetings! And now she is very excited for her baptism! It was amazing! I am so grateful for her and for the steps she is making. She is really changing her life. The gospel truly can change lives :) 

There has been a huge focus on the Temple lately. We just had a Stake Conference about 2 weeks ago and the new Stake President set a goal for the entire stake. He has permission to rent out the Louisville, Kentucky Temple on May 7, 2016 for the whole stake! He has set a goal to have 1000 people at this event! He wants adults, teens, children, non-members and investigators to be there! It is so cool and it will be so special for those families that are going to be working towards that date to be sealed as a family or those who will receive their endowments. It is so exciting! We have been sharing this news with less active members and encouraging them to work to this date to go to the temple. 

Sister Farnsworth & I with Our Zone Leaders Elder Davis & Elder Wheeler
President Salisbury has also been stressing the importance of the temple for our investigators. He wants us to be sending so many new converts to the Temple that we get a Temple in our mission someday! We are striving to get every new convert to the Temple within 30 days. It sounds like a lot, but we can do it and it will change the outcome of people who stay active.

This week, our mission has the wonderful opportunity of having Elder Kopischke of the seventy coming to speak to us in our mission! It is going to be so cool, and Sister Farnsworth and I have been asked to perform a musical number for the meeting with the Elders in our ward. It is so exciting! It is this Thursday and we have decided to do "We'll Bring the World His Truth". Sister Farnsworth will be playing the Piano, Elder Free will be singing, and I will be... Singing! Crazy right? Apparently they think I can sing, which I have never done before, so hopefully I will be able to bring the spirit in! I will keep you all posted :)

#Ponderize D&C 67:13  "Ye are not able to abide the presence of God now, neither the ministering of angels; wherefore, continue in patience until ye are perfected." I like this scripture because it has helped me to remember to be more patient. By doing this, Miracles have happened in Ashland! Christ is patient, and we need to always continue to become more like Christ.

I love you all so much and I hope my emails can help each of you in your lives. 

~Sister Kayla Marie Willis

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