Monday, December 28, 2015

Strive to BECOME

Hey you all,

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I sure did.

Sister Roberts and I on Christmas Morning

Being a missionary around Christmas time is a strange, but a wonderful thing. Well, just being a missionary is general is a strange, but a wonderful thing. It's not real life, but it's the best life. 

Sister Roberts and I had the opportunity to go visiting some members and some of our investigators on Christmas Day. We visited one of our investigators, Karen. She has been having a rough time. She takes care of her grandson, because her son is on drugs, she has been divorced and it wasn't a good situation, and now she lives in a tiny apartment and lives with her boyfriend. She is so ready to be baptized and she is preparing for January 16th! We have been working hard to prepare her and help her with this huge step she is about to make. We went over to sing some Christmas songs to her and she let us in. Before we could even start singing to her, she told us, "I kicked him out." My mouth literally fell open! She kicked her boyfriend out! We haven't even talked about the law of Chastity yet. She is just so ready for this Gospel and she is so special. She deserves so much better than what she has. Karen even came to church yesterday! She looked so pretty and she is so excited to be baptized. Sister Roberts and I are so excited for her.

We Saw Some Christmas Lights

The rest of Christmas, was full of food and remembering the birth of our Savior. I just love the opportunity I have to help others remember the importance of this special Christmas season. Twice a year, Missionaries get to Skype their families at home. Christmas and Mother's day. I love my family so much, but I was honestly really scared to talk to them, because I didn't want to become distracted and loose my focus. I have never been homesick on my mission, but I haven't always been fully focused. Sister Roberts and I both had this concern, and asked many of our mission leaders for advice. We decided it would help us both a lot to receive blessings Christmas morning before we talk to our families, and just for additional strength. We met the Elkins Elders at the church and were given blessings. My blessing was one of the most powerful blessings that I have ever received. In the blessing I was told how much my family loves me and how my actions are blessing, not only the people around me, but my family too. It talked a lot about the Lord's will and what I am doing is the Lord's will, and He is proud of me. I was told to have peace, that I would be able to continue bringing souls unto my Heavenly Father. After I had the blessing, I felt so much better and I even had courage to talk to my family. It was amazing to see my family and to see the changes in them, and hopefully they can see the changes in me.

A Cute Little Pond in Elkins
My first Sunday in Elkins, the Bishop asked me to give a talk (this must be a pattern). I was asked to talk about making new commitments or New Years Resolutions. Wow. That was kind of a hard topic for me. I thought a lot about this and how this year I want to strive to become more like The Savior. I want to become my best self and learn to serve as The Savior served. He has done so much for me and I am trying to have more of His Christlike attributes each day. I would like to challenge each one of you, to think about this last year, and think about the things that you might need to change. Think about what YOU want to BECOME. Ponder these questions. When you meet the Savior, who do you want to be? How do you want him to see you? What do you want to see when you look back on your life? Let us all strive to become our best selves and realize the things we need to do to get there.

Sister Roberts and I Walking in the Rain
Kentucky and Canada Shirts
#Ponderize D&C 24:12 "And at all times, and in all places, [s]he shall open [her] mouth and declare my gospel as with the voice of a trump, both day and night. And I will give unto [her] strength such as is not known among men."

I love you all, and thank you so much for everyone who sent a gift or card :)


~Sister Kayla Willis

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