Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Time Keeps Flying By

My Mom Always Sends Me Paper/Plasticware - She is the Coolest!
Wait... Where did this transfer go?? I feel like it just started!

Next week is transfers, so this Saturday night we will be getting transfer calls. It is when we find out who is staying and who is leaving. It is weird to me that my companion, Sister Alligood will be going home! (She and I are both freaking out btw) I will be getting a new companion and hopefully (most likely) staying in Lynchburg :) I will let y'all know next Wednesday in my email :)

Sister Alligood Made Me Birthday Pancakes in the Shape of 
ALSO. THANK YOU SO MUCH for everyone who sent a Birthday card or gift to me this week. I really enjoyed my birthday out here :) it was a lot of fun! This is my first email as a 20 year old...

We did find a new investigator this week, it was pretty crazy! We knock on this guy's door, and he opens the door; he is tall, really skinny, he is not wearing a shirt and he has tattoos all over his chest. We introduce ourselves and we ask him if he has ever heard of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints before and he says, "Yes, I used to go to that church with my grandma when I was little." WOW! Part member family :) (cue the Hallelujah Chorus, because Part Member Families are where its at!) So his name is Douglas. He told us that his mom is a member and she is actually in one of the other wards in Lynchburg. Super cool! His mom does have some health problems and isn't able to go to church very often, but it sounds like she still has a testimony! We had a lesson with him and as we were teaching the Restoration, we got to the part about Joseph Smith and how he read James 1:5. We read it with Douglas and he told us that his mom had actually shown him this scripture a few weeks ago! Angels truly do prepare the hearts of these people and he has been prepared! :) He even said that he would come to church next week with his mom! I am so excited to be working with him!

Eating Mexican Food with family in ward for birthday dinner
We have been having a hard time with our investigator, John. He has been struggling lately. He didn't show up for 2 lessons this week and he didn't come to church. We are hoping that we can help him and continue to teach him. We have a lesson scheduled for tonight with him, so hopefully it all works out! Please pray for John that he might have the strength that he needs.
Selfie Sunday

My Face when I Realized that this is my First Picture as a 20 Year Old

#Ponderize John 13:17 "If ye know these things, happy are ye if ye do them."Relate this to the Commandments. We are "happy if we do them" :) be obedient and you will be blessed! That is a promise to you from a representative of Jesus Christ.

Love you all so much!


~Sister Kayla Marie Willis

Don't forget! Sister Missionaries need love too :)
410 Alta Lane #11
Lynchburg, VA 24502

Did You Know That Daisies Grow Wild Here?
P.S. You know John Luke from Duck Dynasty? He is Willy's oldest son.... Yeah him. So guess what. He lives here in Lynchburg. He goes to Liberty! Cool huh? Anyways, I just found that out this last week.

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  1. Again, happy birthday, and thank you for the thank you card.

    You are lucky that the man came to the door with only no shirt. In Sweden, we had men and women come to the door wearing even less.

    I think you could win converts just with that smile of yours. God bless you on your mission and good luck with the transfer.