Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Faith and Covenants

Soaked from the Rain
Hello, Hello!

Guess what! Virginia weather is crazy! It's been so hot and then on other days it rains and pours like a hurricane. Sister Wevers and I had a lesson with Kaela and Dillon, and it was going great! We invited John to come with us (our Recent Convert) and it was good to have them get to know one another a little bit and friendship! We talked about the Priesthood and why it was necessary, and why there needed to be a Restoration of the Gospel. We asked John to share his testimony of the Restoration and the Priesthood and it was so cool to hear! John talked about how he hadn't said a prayer for 11 years, since his grandmother had passed away. His grandma was like his best friend, and they were always together. John was angry at God because he felt like He let his grandma die. So when he met us in March, things started to change. He finally started praying again, and he voluntarily stopped swearing. He also stopped drinking and he didn't get super angry like he did before. He shared with Kaela and Dillon, how the Gospel has blessed him to be able to change and become a better person, and even to make him happier. It was an amazing testimony to hear! 
Selfie with a Towel, because I'm Soaked

So back to the rain... after the lesson, we go outside to our car, and there is lightning flashing every other second, and thunder is shaking our bones! It was almost curfew too, so we were trying to be safe and get home on time! I couldn't even see the lines on the road because there was so much water coming down on the window. There were people driving off the road, and some cars were hydroplaning. I was so nervous and so Sister Wevers said a prayer while I was driving and with the hand of Heavenly Father, we managed to get home safely and on time! It was a huge testimony to me that Heavenly Father does listen and answer prayers! He took the wheel from my hands, because I felt the car being guided by something that I could not see. 

We met with a member this week that is very dear to my heart. She hasn't been able to come to church for quite some time due to mental illness. The past couple Sundays she has been coming to church, and it has been amazing to talk with her and see how she has seen the blessings in her life from attending church! She said she she doesn't go to church to be blessed, she goes to church to worship the Lord, but in return of being obedient, she has received so many blessings! This just testifies to me, again and again, how important it is to be obedient to the Lord and his commandments. 
Heat Wave in VA - Temp was 114 with Humidity

These past few weeks I have been studying and pondering about Faith. I have been striving to build and develop my faith. Something in the True to the Faith booklet, really stuck out to me. 

"You can strengthen your faith by keeping the commandments. Like all blessings from God, faith is obtained and increased through individual obedience and righteous action. If you desire to enrich your faith to the highest possible degree, you must keep the covenants you have made."

We strengthen our faith, by making covenants, or promises with God. He will always keep his promises with us, He takes them very seriously. So we have to do all that we can to keep our part of the promise. I know that through covenants, we can gain greater faith and understand of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

This Squirrel is Upside Down
I want to invite all of you to reflect and remember the covenants that you have made, whether they are baptismal, or temple covenants. Try and recognize the blessings that come from keeping covenants. 

I know that this work is true.  It is His work. I know that the church has been restored to the earth by a Prophet of the Lord. I know that the Book of Mormon is a true book, because I have gained a witness by the power of the Holy Ghost
I love y'all! 

~Sister Kayla Marie Willis

410 Alta Lane #11
Lynchburg, VA 24502

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