Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty, Little Ball of Fur...

Sister Nelson and I
So you can imagine what happened this week... That's right, Eleanor got a new kitten! And Sister Nelson and I also came down with the cold from Hades. "Sing 'Soft Kitty' to me." That's right... we have been coughing and sniffling for the last 3 days! I don't know what is worse, the fact that we got sick on the exact same day (yes, our companionship unity is that strong), or the fact that our bodies have gotten so worn out and sleep deprived for the last 17 months that it is taking us both twice as long to heal. But hey, don't worry, we have become pretty bomb at making soup from whatever we can find in the apartment! I made some chicken noodle soup with 3 bullion cubes, a frozen chicken breast, some random eggs noodles we had, and some canned carrots. It was pretty good. Not as good as your soup, mom, but you would be proud of me!
When You Have a Cold

Sister Nelson and I Decided to Make Chocolate Covered Pretzels for Christmas
So between trying to rest and get better when we can, and also trying to be a diligent missionary, it was a good week! Eleanor is still doing so, SO good! We even started teaching her sister, Amanda. Eleanor has been reading the Book of Mormon, and even recording some of the scriptures that she likes in her study journal! She has so much real intent, it is unreal. Her prayers are some of the sweetest prayers I have ever heard on my mission. It is so humbling to hear someone pray specifically for you, and to tell Heavenly Father how thankful they are for you. She is so sincere, and so sweet. We invited her to Stake Conference and she gladly accepted! She even gave us a ride there :) It was super cool, to have her there, even when it is kind of difference since it is Stake Conference. She loved it! We got to hear some very sweet testimonies from some converts, one of which was baptized only a few weeks ago! Then we heard from our Mission President and his wife, and then the Stake President. Eleanor came with some questions in mind to think about during the meeting, and it was really cool, because all of her questions were answered! She felt like she understood the purpose of the Stake and the Conference a lot better too, because before she was questioning why that would need to be necessary. I know that God answers our prayers and that he is very aware of what we all need. I love this gospel and I love being a full time representative of Jesus Christ! 

Making Pretzels 2

Love yall! 

~Sister Kayla Marie Willis

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Making Pretzels 3

Making Pretzels 4

Making Pretzels 5


Day #7 - Jesus fed the hungry - We made cookies...
Day #5 - Jesus healed the sick - We made cookies for our investigator who is sick.
Day #6 - Jesus read the scriptures - we read the scriptures every day - I love the Book of Mormon!

Day #8 - Jesus Prayed for others - We pray at least 20 times a day, sometimes more.  I pray for so many people each day.
Day #9 - Jesus visited the lonely - we visited one of our recent converts, Elizabeth, who doesn't get many visitors.
Day #10 - Jesus helped people to walk - We helped our recent Convert, Cass, walk to and from her house.
Day #11 - Jesus ministered to children - we read 3 Nephi

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  1. Missionaries can make food out of anything. Once, we had only a little outmeal, salt, sugar and milk, and we made pancakes out of this.

    Get well, soon, and come home safely.